lunes, junio 17, 2013

Nuevo portal de la UE para la realización de MOOCs

Parece que la UE sepone las pilas y trata de hacerse un hueco en el mundo de los MOOCs; este portal es la punta de lanza de esa iniciativa

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OpenupEd is the first MOOCs initiative which goes Europe-wide, with the support of the European Commission. At the start around 40 courses, covering a wide variety of subjects, are available, in 12 different languages. OpenupEd has been initiated and is coordinated by the European Association of Distance Teaching Universities (EADTU) and mostly involves open universities. The 11 launch partners are based in France, Italy, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, and the UK, and outside the EU in Russia, Turkey and Israel.
Please feel invited and explore this portal, discover a course you like, in a language you prefer, and with a model that suits you.
Prof. dr. Fred Mulder
Chair EADTU Task Force on Open Education
(UNESCO Chair in Open Educational Resources at the Open Universiteit in the Netherlands)
Darco Jansen MSc
Coordinator Task Force on Open Education
Program manager EADTU


Una interesante aplicación open source para gestionar cloud computing tanto en el ámbito público como en el privado

OpenStack Folsom Conceptual Architecture